The Well is Deep

Sisters of the Holy Family

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2015


A hot and dusty day, a stranger stops at a well for a drink. A meeting with an inquisitive woman becomes a turning point and a transformative one. It is a meeting where old suspicions, hurts and hatreds are never far away: a Jew and a Samaritan discuss what divides them. It is a meeting where ancient conventions around gender inequality are unexpectedly challenged.

Could this have been avoided? No, for Jesus was compelled to go through Samaria and in that journey he encountered a woman by a well where he asked her for a drink.

Conversations such as these have the potential to change people and how they view one another. One of the most important things we can say about our ecumenical life together is how our pilgrimage together has transformed and deepened our faith and also changed how we view our Christian sisters and brothers from other churches…

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