A New Beginning

A New Beginning Begins with the Gifts of Each Sister


 L to R): S Anna Maria Zabieglik; Irmã Maria Aparecida Pinto, vicar and first councilor; Irmã Maria José da Cunha, third councilor; SM Celestine Giertych; Irmã Maria Ivonete Vasconcelos Santos, second councilor; Irmã Maria Aparecida Vilas-Bôas, provincial minister

The installation of the new provincial leadership for Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Province in Brazil took place on January 11 at Nossa Senhora Aparecida Provincial House in Curitiba.

Present at this installation were the Minister General, SM Celestine Giertych and General Councilor S Anna Maria Zabieglik. All of the Brazilian Sisters were also in attendance.

The Elective Provincial Assembly was realized with great faith and respect and prepared in the sisters a ready disposition and openness to accept the Will of God. The highlight of the whole process was the celebration of the Eucharistic Liturgy.

Speaking to the sisters during the celebration, the newly-elected Provincial, Irmã Maria Aparecida Vilas-Boas, emphasized the importance of the gifts of each and every sister for the growth of the province as well as for the realization of the Will of God.  Irmã  Aparecida said, “The gifts of each sister are indispensable for community growth.”

Irmã Aparecida called each sister close to the altar, and in a voice audible to all, recalled the gifts of each sister. She had prepared a one-decade rosary for each sister using the beads of the Franciscan Crown that had been used in the past. As the provincial minister declared the gifts of each sister, she presented each sister with a rosary – a sign of the presence and strength of their past. Irmã Aparecida said, “It was quite an emotional moment.”

Irmã Aparecida continued, “This was our beginning – placing upon the Lord’s altar the gifts that each sister had received from Him, gifts to be used to help make a better world! At the request of Sister Celestine, we share this experience with the Congregation. We delayed in fulfilling the request, but it was worth reflecting upon once again the extraordinary gifts our sisters have received from the Lord.”


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