Time to Celebrate

4444Father Paul Stein, celebrant of the Eucharistic liturgy at Mother in Good Counsel Convent Chapel for the three Diamond Jubilarians of the Chicago, IL, area, began his homily by calling attention to the fact that “we are living in a culture that celebrates the new, but what we are celebrating today is the thing that endures in time.” In his remarks, Father focused on the concept of “presence.”

He reflected on the presence that Mary, herself, was in giving Jesus to the world, as well as the presence of the three Jubilarians, SM Rosalita Witrod, SM Gloriette Kawalko, and S Joan Marie Kryszak, who offered their presence in bringing Jesus to so many people in their 75 years of ministry and life in the Felician community.

Father Stein told them, “The presence of joy, the presence of ministry, and the presence of witness is the gift to the Church that endures. How fitting then, that this Jubilee celebration was held on the feast of the Visitation of Mary.”


Following the liturgy, the celebrants and their guests enjoyed a festive dinner in the main dining room of the central convent and continued visiting and reminiscing in Wellspring.

SM Doloria Birr, SM Eunice Olbrantz and SM Mark Derbas, 60th jubilarians, were honored at the Eucharistic Liturgy celebrated in Mother of Good Counsel Convent Chapel, Chicago, IL, on June 1, Ascension Sunday.

Father Camillus Janas, OFM, was the celebrant for this occasion.  Following the homily, the sister Jubilarians faced the community gathered at this Mass and renewed their vows as Felician Sisters.  This witness to their resolve to live forever as consecrated women was affirmed with warm applause from those gathered for this happy occasion.  Before the close of the beautiful Eucharistic celebration, all present raised their hands in a blessing over these sisters while praying together the words of Blessed Mary Angela.

The celebration honoring these 60th Jubilarians continued in the community dining room where the sisters enjoyed time together at a festive brunch. The day concluded with the sisters giving thanks for the gift of these 60 years by expressing their gratitude for all who in any way nurtured, supported, and encouraged them on their Felician journey as daughters of Blessed Mary Angela.


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