News from Haiti

The health care situation has always been very difficult in Haiti and we see how much the Mother Angela Clinic is needed. However, right now it is even worse because there is an epidemic in the country from mosquitoes–chikungunya.

The most common symptoms from chikungunya are high fever and severe joint pain. Some people have great difficulty walking even after the fever leaves them.

The disease can be treated with Tylenol, but this is not easy for the poor to purchase. Lately we were asked by one of the fraternities to come with our clinic for an emergency visit because so many people were sick and could not get medication. Every day from our home we are distributing acetaminophen and Tylenol.

For two days last week, we walked through our neighborhood visiting the sick and distributing the acetaminophen and Tylenol. Thank God we received a large donation of this medication from our sisters in the Spirituality Center Among the Poor in Pomona, CA.

It is especially difficult to watch babies and children with such a high fever suffering from joint pain. We had a good supply of children’s Tylenol. At the point when we were almost out of it, God provided us with more with the visit from SM Victoria Indyk.

The only thing the government did was to send a text message to everyone’s cell phone to tell people about the epidemic, asking them to take care of the garbage that attracts mosquitoes and giving them the name of a medication to take. But there is no distribution of medication from the Health Department.

We are hearing of another epidemic supposedly coming to Haiti caused by mosquitoes. Major symptoms include high fever and bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose, throat and rectum. Please pray for our people to survive this year’s rainy season which brings the mosquitoes.


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