North West Territory

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Our sisters have been ministering to the people of the NWT for over 30 years. The Felician Sisters have worked to rebuild the native sense of community, bringing God to the people while respecting their ancestral heritage and deep commitment to the earth. Currently one Sister ministers in Tulita. She frequently presides over funerals, baptisms, weddings and provides various other services to the people. The Sister Celeste Child Development Centre is a focal point of the community. Though the days are often short and the conditions harsh, the Tulita mission continues to call Sisters from all the Felician Provinces. They come to serve in this mission for periods ranging from four to eight weeks. The Slavey Dene people desire to uphold their native traditions while welcoming God into their lives.
In 2011 another Felician Sister came to the Northwest Territories. This ministry in Yellowknife is one of evangelization through presence.   In 2014 Sister Lee replaced the sisters in Yellowknife.  Today the two Felician Sisters continue to spread the news of the love of Jesus.  (more)


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