St. Felix Continues to Inspire

St. Felix Continues to Inspire After All These Years

Imagine a young man named Felix, unemployed and virtually unassuming. He was befriended by a group of monks living in Rome and was asked by them to go out into the streets and find food. Essentially, Felix was a volunteer and he made finding food an art form or a life-long passion.

His signature salutation, Deo Gratias, or Thank God, made him a favorite person to many, especially among those who would consider donating food. God’s sense of humor was easily demonstrated through the volunteer work of Felix as he rarely brought back food to feed the monks. Instead, he always managed to give it away to the poor and hungry living on the streets.

Volunteering today does not require an act of God. In most cases, it simply requires a big heart and willingness to give back in some meaningful way. Recently, employees of the Hewlett Packard Company in Rio Rancho, NM, visited St. Felix Pantry. HP employees are always encouraged to give some of their time back to the community through various kinds of volunteer efforts. “This time, they chose us and what an incredible honor it was,” says Manuel Casias, vice president of development for St. Felix Pantry. Casias added, “The HP volunteer effort was deeply appreciated: It was a significant contribution to the Pantry.”

He added, “Like Felix and our new friends at HP, each of us can make a difference in some small way, in our own way. Each of us can find opportunities to help those in need that will make an impact through our personal investment.”

Andrea Wykel, commercial account manager of Hewlett Packard Company said with much enthusiasm, “We would like to thank the staff and the volunteers for allowing us to donate our time on Friday. We all had a great time and came to a better understanding of the needs of our community and the wonderful services you provide at St. Felix Pantry.”


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