Felician Sisters 32 yrs in Kenya

DSC00250The Felician Mission in Kenya had its beginnings when Rt Rev Silas S. Njiru, met Bl pope John Paul II, and told him he was going to Poland to ask for missionaries.  JP II suggested that Rev. Nijiru go to Warsaw, which he did,  asking the Polish bishops to put him in contact with Franciscan Congregations.  Rev, Nijiru visited the provincial house in Warsaw and met SM Angelika, the provincial at the time who saw this as a sign and contacted SM Amadeus, General Minister of the Felician Sisters.  After visiting Kenya to determine what the possibilities were,  it was decided that 5 sisters would be assigned to the mission in Kenya.  The 5 were chosen from sisters who expressed an interest in this mission.  These sisters made preparations including a language course and on May 1, 1983, they landed in Kenya at Kyeni, in the Meru diocese.  The sisters ministered in hospital and schools there for about 4 years when the DSC00242Meru diocese was split to create the diocese of Embu, and the sisters found themselves in a new diocese.  Bishop Silas however, wanted the sisters in Meru.  At that point, two sisters went to the Matiri Mission, in the Meru diocese.  One of these sisters was SM Elvine Dymnicki, from the Lodi, NJ, USA province who ministered there for many years until the dry , hot climate impacted her health and she retired.

Today, the Felician Sisters in Kenya have 10 communities with about 60 sisters.


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