REFLECTION: 10 things we can do to enjoy a Pope Francis-style holiday season

Pope Francis has given us many examples of how to be Christ for other, some are asking when will we see changes in the Church … answer is simple, when we, the Church, follow the example of Pope Francis. We are the Church … the following is reblogged from Pax Christi USA.



by Thomas G. Plante, The Huffington Post

Time Magazine‘s pick of Pope Francis as “Person of the Year” came as no shock to those paying attention to the way the pontiff connects with the masses and inspires people of any faith to focus on what’s important.

The pope chose his name from the famous saint from Assisi, who renounced material wealth — a message that resonates with many especially during the holidays. There is little doubt that he sees this season as a time to help those who struggle, and to seek deeper relationships with loved ones and strangers. He said as much during his time as cardinal in Argentina, and he has repeated these typical Jesuit themes throughout his first six months as pope.

Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio washes feet of shelter residents during 2008 Mass at church in Buenos Aires

He delights in meeting children as well as the disabled. He picks up the phone and cold-calls people just to say hello or to…

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