This is your life – What is your purpose?

Life has a purpose, sometimes we are lucky enough to know what it is … a reblog for Advent

Evolution To Revelation


How much thought do you put into this journey you are on? Most of us rush about to and from our jobs, and at work we dutifully complete our assigned tasks and projects. We develop our careers, make money, get married, and have children, purchase homes and cars. Before you know it the treadmill of life is spinning beneath our feet. We are out of control, struggling and stressed, just to keep pace with our lives.

Stop and find that quiet place within. Beneath the static and the noise that occupy us in our busy lives, our spirits and our souls are whispering to us. Tune in for guidance. How do you feel deep inside? Are you at peace? What do you really care about? Are you spending your time and energy focusing on what really matters deeply to you?

If you feel your way through a day, you will…

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