A Thanksgiving prayer

Simple prayerThank you, Father, for having created us and given us to each other in the human family.  Thank you for being with us in all our joys and sorrows, for your comfort in our sadness, your companionship in our loneliness.  Thank you for yesterday, today, tomorrow and for the whole of our lives.  Thank you for friends, for health and for grace.  May we live this and every day conscious of all that has been given to us.

We have so much to be thankful for, not only today but each and every day of our lives.  We share with compassion in the struggles or our human family who are touched by natural disasters as well as the terrors of war, indignity, abuse and violence.  As followers of the nonviolent Jesus and of Saint Francis of Assisi who saw the face of Christ in everyone he encountered, the Felician Sisters encourage you to pray with them for all those who find it difficult to be thankful at this time.

Please take a few minutes to watch this short video with a tremendous lesson for all of us, we all know “a nobody” what a difference it would make in our life and theirs, if we recognized them as “somebody” and you won’t find this action on sale on Black Friday, in fact it is always a free act on our part.


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