Bishop Ahr High School

On Wednesday, September 11, the Bishop Ahr High School community in Edison, NJ, came together during homeroom to commemorate the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Campus Minister S Cynthia Marie Babyak delivered the following message to the BGA community: “As we pray during homeroom, let us remind each other – adults and students – that as Christians, as Americans, we draw upon our faith to make this anniversary a time to remember, a time to deepen our commitment to discipleship, and a time to strengthen our active participation in efforts to build a more just and peaceful world. May we all truly become instruments of peace!”

Deacon Rich Lutomski and Sister Cynthia led the prayer service which consisted of songs, prayers, and a call to work for peace, justice and unity. Mr. Joseph Cullinan and members of the BGA select chorus provided music.  Special mention was made of the three St. Thomas Aquinas/Bishop Ahr alumni who died in the attacks on 9/11/01 – Mark Carney ’78, Patrick Dunn ’80 and Colleen Meehan ’93.

As the members of the Student Council walked to Bishop Ahr’s Memorial Garden for the Ritual of Lighting, a bell tolled for each of the four planes involved in the attack. During the Ritual of Lighting, lighted candles, an American flag and a bouquet of flowers were placed at the foot of the preserved World Trade Center Beam in the BGA Memorial Garden.

Sister Cynthia said everyone was encouraged to stop by the Memorial Garden to pray for peace.


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