Thoughtful Gift from Board Member

The St. Joseph Hospital Infusion Therapy Unit recently received a thoughtful gift from Sheila Pechinski, a longtime board member of St. Joseph Healthcare in Bangor, ME.

Ms. Pechinski kindly donated individualized televisions for the Infusion Therapy chairs so patients can watch the programming of their choice while receiving treatment. The gift was made in honor of her mother, Loretta Arp, who, she said, received fantastic care in the unit.

During the celebration, Ms. Pechinski shared some favorite stories and jokes of her mother while everyone enjoyed Ms. Arp’s favorite drink, birch beer, and favorite food, maple walnut ice cream.

A nice surprise was the donation of 20 sets of ear buds by President and CEO Mary Prybylo, which will allow the patients even more privacy.

Community Networks and Foundation was delighted by the generosity of the gift from Ms. Pechinski and would also like to thank Raphe St. John and his staff for the careful installation of the gift.


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