SYRIA: The Catholic case against attacking Syria

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EbenerDanby Dan Ebener

Based on Catholic social teaching, here are seven reasons to oppose a U.S. military strike against Syria:

1. Just cause. The use of chemical weapons crosses a threshold that was established as illegal since the end of World War I. It is assumed but not proven that the chemical attack was the work of the Assad government (Syria). However, it is conceivable (even if unlikely) that the rebel groups staged the chemical attack to provoke a U.S. response. Just cause requires a burden of proof.

2. Legitimate authority. Russia and China would veto any U.S. attempt to get U.N. support for a military strike against Syria. Because the U.S. was not directly attached, a U.S. attack on Syria would violate international law — unless we obtain U.N. backing. We would be breaking international law against a country that we think broke international law to show that breaking…

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