60 and 70 years in God’s service …

5643“It is the context of consecrated life as Felician Franciscans that our sisters, like the Virgin Mary, said Yes to follow Jesus.”

Sister Bernadette  (70 yrs) said she thanks God as she recalls the many blessings that she has enjoyed–good health and the gift of teaching; in particular, botany and biology. Sister continues to serve through her ministry of prayer and, like Mary, has chosen the better part.

Sister Stella is grateful for her 60th anniversary, and ever thankful for God’s gift of creativity, health and strength to serve God as a cook for 50 years. At present, Sister Stella enjoys chauffeuring the sisters whenever a need arises.

Sister Dolores Anne (60) expressed gratitude “to my parents who first instilled in me the foundation for my spiritual growth and moral values . . . and the Felician Sisters who taught me at St. Joseph School in Webster, MA. They not only nurtured me academically, but also sowed the seeds of my vocation. This celebration is special because, in view of the fact that I have a benign frontal lobe brain tumor, God has enabled me to continue doing his work in a different capacity from being a school administrator. I look at life from a different perspective.”

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