Pope Francis: Living the Gospel, Pointing to God

Taken from Dating God …

Dating God

PopeConfessionThe Gospel is full of instances when Jesus reiterates that his mission is not one of self-serving promotion, but the conformity to the Will of God. The phrase “the one who sent me” illustrates this well, directing our attention from the person Jesus of Nazareth to the Christ who was sent to the world by our loving, generous, merciful God.  As I like to point out, the beginning of John’s Gospel makes this so clear — no one has ever seen God, but the Son has revealed God (John 1:18). If we want to know what God is like, look at the Son: see how he loves, how he heals, how he forgives. This is how God acts.

As Christian women and men, our call is to point to God by our deeds and actions in the same way that the Son has. In looking at our way of being…

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