News from our sisters in Brazil regarding World Youth Day


Feira de Santana, Brazil

            Each year the Bishops of Brazil plan a Fraternity Campaign involving some important social theme upon which the people of all parishes are called to reflect upon and put into practice. This year the theme was: “Fraternity and Youth” with the Lemma: “Here I am Lord, send me.” (Is 6, 8) which ties in well with the World Youth Day! The Archdiocese of Feira de Santana received the youth in the context of the changes of time, proportioning protagonist ways for them in the following of Jesus Christ. “Go and make disciples among all the nations”, the same that the WYD in Rio 2013 proposes. Mission is a priority of the Church, as God sent His Son on a mission, and as Jesus sent his disciples. This mission convocation was announced by Pope Benedict XVI when He announced the theme for the WYD in Rio 2013, during a General Audience.

It is with this proposal that the COL (Local Organizing Committee) suggested to pursue, preparing weeks of missionary formation – youth meetings, festivals and vigils which are being realized with great success in various parishes.

Various activities are already underway. Sister Florizete Maria belongs to the missionary commission of the Archdiocese which has prepared a seminar scheduled for July 16 to 23 in various parishes. It is the desire of the commission that the youth will become enthused to respond to the call of service being  ready to serve in their communities, dedicated to the works of the Lord when  asked:: “Who will I send?” responding “Here I am Lord, send me”. The missionary week will take place in all archdioceses and parishes of Brazil. There is a great mobilization in all of Brazil, for in this very moment, we are already receiving pilgrims from other countries.  For this reason, it is important that everyone become involved: youth, adults, movements, congregations, new communities so that together we can awaken in all  the Missionary Spirit. The youth wait with great expectations for this moment for besides the excitement of the preparations for the journey, it will be a unique experience for the cities receiving the strangers.


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