More news from our Sisters in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is becoming ever more animated and beautiful for the World Youth Day gathering. We Felician Sisters, strongly desire that this occasion will be in fact an event of faith and hope for those who will participate. We are awaiting the presence of Pope Francis with great joy and anticipation. Our Lady of the Assumption School in Niteroi will provide lodging for 678 young people from various parts of the world, and to be able to receive them in a truly Franciscan spirit of joy, preparations are already underway. The food and transportation will be provided by the Coordination Committee of the Event. As for sleeping each person will bring his or her own “famous” sleeping bag.

Four Sisters from Our Lady of Hope Province, North America: Sisters Mary Beth, Mary Thomas, Heather Marie and Grace Marie will receive lodging in our convent, as well as Sisters from various local homes of the Brazilian Province, who have volunteered to be of service during the event. Four Sisters will participate as pilgrims of the Journey: Irmãs Maria Roberta, Florizete Maria, Maria Alexandra and Ester Maria.  The following will be of service at the Vocation Booth; Irmãs: Elizete Maria, Maria Nazaré, Maria Aparecida VB and Terezinha Maria. Volunteers who will be of service at the convent: Irmãs Marina Lázara, Maria Mercedes, Gabriela Maria, Maria Raquel and  Rosana Maria. Irmã Maria Aparecida Pinto, Provincial Minister, will assume the  coordination of  the Felician Sisters participating in the “Jornada” (Journey)

May our presence among the youth, thirsting for a world of Peace, give witness to the spirit of Franciscan joy hoping to sow Peace and all Goodness.