A group of women from Holy Trinity Parish

A group of women from Holy Trinity Parish in Dunkirk, NY, recently gathered for Mass at the parish followed by brunch at the Kosciuszko Club there.

The Outreach Committee of the parish sponsored the event, an attempt to encourage fellowship among the women, especially new parishioners as well as attract new members.

The Committee had invited SM Elizabeth Mackowiak, part-time pastoral associate at the parish to address the group. Sister Elizabeth explained that, since the committee did not suggest a topic, she decided to speak about the mission of the Felician Sisters, especially one of the most recent, the mission in Haiti.

Sister Elizabeth said, “Many of the women were taught by Felician Sisters at St. Hedwig School in Dunkirk or the previous Blessed Mary Angela Parish School known then as St. Hyacinth’s School. Some of them have been in contact with sisters through the years and were familiar with the activities of the Felician Congregation in Western New York in earlier years. Since it wasn’t difficult for the women to realize that the Felician Sisters care deeply about the needs of children, I thought that interest in the mission in Haiti would hold their interest.”

With the help of a DVD from SM Lucette Kinecki who had visited Haiti in June 2010 along with other Felicians, Sister Elizabeth helped the women to see the conditions in Haiti only six months after the earthquake. Sister took advantage of SM Gerard Fredrick’s expert technological skills as well. She produced a DVD with the pictures recently posted on the province blog. According to Sister Elizabeth, the women were amazed at both the destruction in Haiti and the progress made in a relatively short time by Sister Marilyn Marie Minter and SM Inga Borko. Several women quickly suggested that the committee put the needs of the Haiti mission on their agenda.

Sister Elizabeth concluded, “It may take some time for the women to develop a detailed plan because of fewer meetings during the summer season. Nevertheless, the seeds have been planted and we hope to see Holy Trinity Parish soon connect with the mission in Haiti. In the meantime, parishioners are keeping in touch via items on the blog and supporting the sisters and their ministry in prayer.”