Felician Sisters of the Provincial Home, Curitiba, Brazil

SHRINE IN HONOR OF Saint Felix of Cantalice

To commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the Canonization of St. Felix of Cantalice the Felician Sisters of the Provincial Home, Curitiba, PR, planned to have a small Shrine erected in his honor on the grounds of Our Lady of the Assumption School in Curitiba.  Sisters invited a very good friend, Mr. Humberto Bevervanso, especially gifted in artistic works, to originate a plan. He along with two of our employees, worked on the construction of the Shrine. As the work progressed, the time of construction was truly a time of contemplation, as bit by bit the shrine began to take on form in a Saint Felix fashion – simple and humble, elevating one’s thoughts to the Lord..

Our special gratitude to the Lodi Sisters who donated the statue of Saint Felix.  He came to us from quite a distance, brought here by Sisters: Maria Nazaré da C. Quaresma and Maria Ivonete V. Santos on their return to our Province, having spent two months in Lodi to pick up a bit of English. We know that many persons helped with the process of transportation, and again our gratitude. We always had hopes of having a statue of Saint Felix among our children, and now we rejoice as do the many school children.  Joyfully we cry out with Saint Felix – Deo Gratias!

felix2Shrine  dedicated to Saint Felix of Cantalice

felix 1A close-up of the Shine

The inauguration took place on the vigil of the Feast of Saint Felix in the presence of the children, some parents, sisters, and the members of school community, besides those who worked on the construction.  It was a moment of great festivity and enthusiasm giving praise to the Lord, our God.

Viva São Félix!


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