Preparing for World Youth Day – Our Sisters in Brazil

oooThe Sisters, children, staff members and workers as well as families, of our Felician grade and High school, Our Lady of the Assumption, in Niteroi, are busily getting ready to receive 678 young people from all parts of the world, who will be housed in our school. The entire School Community, the local Church and the Sisters are anxiously and hopefully awaiting the arrival of the pilgrims. One group of our Sisters will be taking part in the movement with the pilgrims; another group will be working as volunteers serving in the Vocation booth and another group will be involved in preparations for the reception and housing of the pilgrims. (more)


One comment

  1. The enthusiasm of the youth in my parish, Sao Luis Maria Grinion de Montfort, has been contagious. The organizing commissions for the pre-conference mission week have worked tirelessly for a smooth running operation for the pre-conference and also for the participation of our youth in the actual conference in Rio. Families have registered to host young people from all over the world and I have volunteered for translation activities in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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