May Tradition in NJ and NY Convents

wwwwwThe sisters of Our Lady of Lourdes Care Center in Lodi, NJ, gathered in their chapel in the early afternoon of May 1, the feast of St. Joseph the Worker and Spouse of the Blessed Virgin, for the traditional May crowning.

According to SM Ellen Brulinski, this year’s service was special because the sister selected to crown Mary will observe her 100th birthday on May 28.  SM Euthalia Adamska, a Felician Sister for 78 years, was deeply touched by this unique privilege and promised to take every sister’s intention in her heart to present them to dear Mother Mary and Queen.

After the sisters prayed the rosary, they recited the Memorare before the adorned statue of our Lady.  Then, assisted by S Lynn Marie Zawacka, local minister and crown bearer, and S Marlene Marie Sliwka, Sister Euthalia placed the pink and white coronet on Mary’s head as the sisters sang Bring Flow’rs of the Fairest. All prayed Blessed Angela’s Act of Consecration to Mary and sang Serdeczna Matko to conclude the ceremony. 

bbbbbThursday, May 2, the National Day of Prayer, was selected as the day for the May Crowning in Buffalo, NY. 

After the Response during Evening Prayer, SM Hope Zalewski, a 2013 diamond jubilarian, slowly walked up the center aisle to the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and crowned her.  In the meantime, the sisters sang the hymn, Immaculate Mary.   The sisters also sang the Magnificat which added a festive touch to Evening Prayer.



  1. Gosh, is this the same Sr Euthalia who was principal at St Casimir school in Manchester NH ? 1963, 64, there abouts.
    She was like a drill Sargent. Lol.
    But she always wanted us to excel, wow God granted her a long life, she tried recruiting me but alas I was gifted with a wonderful husband. Why did I wander into this site ? Providential? I’ll say some prayers for departed sisters tonight, I hope they will pray for me as well. GOD bless us all.

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