A May Tradition

fffffThe Annual May Crowning Service took place in Immaculate Conception Convent Chapel in Lodi, NJ, on Sunday, May 6, at the conclusion of the morning celebration of the Eucharist. Father Joel Szydkowski, OFM, chaplain, presided.

Sister Veronica Kayetta was the crowner. Sister Veronica is a Felician College student who resides with the Felician Sisters at the central convent and is looking forward to her graduation on May 19. She will return to her beloved country, Tanzania, in Africa, in June.

vvvvSunday, May 5th, dawned bright and glorious and sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Convent in Coraopolis, PA, gathered outside the entrance to honor Our Lady with the annual May Crowning Ceremony.

The prayer service, created by SM Marcia Rydzewski, included the crowning of the statue of the Blessed Mother by SM Adrian Jumbelic, local minister. S Bridget Mary Donahue, second-year novice, assisted by carrying the crown of lovely pink flowers.




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