Enfield Sisters Helping in the Spirit of Mother Angela

SM Apollonia Niksa and SM Stella Motyl presented a check to Fran Laureano, inventory manager for Foodshare, for $700 for the Walk Against Hunger.

Foodshare’s mission is to engage the Greater Hartford community for the purpose of distributing food to many agencies in the county of Hartford, CT.

The sisters said they were not able to do the walk on Sunday, May 5, but they collected and redeemed bottles and  cans for a whole year for this cause. Sister Stella said “At five cents a can or bottle, you need lots and lots.”

According to Sister Stella, the sisters from Our Lady of the Angels Convent and Care Center also participated in a Bingo and helped the cause with their willing contributions. In addition, the local ministers of the central convent, Mother Angela Convent, and Child Jesus Convent added their donations.

Sister Stella said, “It was a good feeling helping the poor in the spirit of our dear Blessed Mary Angela.”

Believing that it is important to understand why hunger exists and how people can bring about change, Foodshare also works closely with local partners to increase awareness of hunger within its local communities.


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