United Stand of Chicago

Fourth graders from St. Nicholas of Tolentine School, together with their principal, provided the songs for the Mass, and students from Maria High School and St. Agnes of Bohemia accompanied the music with liturgical dance.

At the conclusion of the Mass, Sister Kim and her staff were honored for their commitment, professionalism, and service. SM Clarette Stryzewski, President and CEO of Felician Services, Inc., presented a torchier, a glass torch, recognizing Sister Kim’s “passionate leadership and compassionate service to the children and families of United Stand.” She commended Sister Kim and the staff with whom she serves for the many ways they offer hope to thousands of inner city Chicago children and families through professional assessment, counseling, prevention programs, inclusive education, advocacy, and after-school programs, to name a few.

SM Barbara Ann Bosch, United Stand board member, presented a wall hanging with the words “Love cannot be silenced. It never has, it never will!” In her remarks she compared Sister Kim to Blessed Mary Angela who also had the “dynamic determination to transform the lives of youth so that the negative realities they face, often on a daily basis, will be the foundation upon which they can build strong, happy and wholesome lives.” Sister Barbara Ann concluded her remarks by expressing the hope that it may always be said of United Stand that “Love cannot be silenced. It never has, it never will!”



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