Immaculate Heart of Mary June 16th

Through her immeasurable self-giving love, the Immaculate Heart of Mary has never ceased to intercede for the children of God, seeking to direct every soul towards her beloved Son Jesus. What she could not do on earth as a mother of mankind who’s love surpasses time and space, by the grace of the Heavenly Father, she has been granted the joy of doing it from Heaven.
Appearing to many blessed ones over the centuries, her motherly message of love has been to renounce Satan, to pray continuously, to do penance, and to go to Church. In return, she promised to intercede before her beloved Son Jesus on behalf of mankind for the grace of God to shine upon the world.
Next to Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the Heavenly Father’s greatest fountain of grace. From her heart flows countless physical and spiritual blessings and healings. Indeed there is truth to the word, “To Jesus, through Mary.” To touch the heart of Jesus, you must first touch the heart of Mary. If the eyes of your heavenly mother favours you, how could the eyes of her Son not favour you? Surely, recognizing the Spirit filled wisdom of His Mother, the Lord will welcome you as a member of His family.
Today, let us be thankful to God for the priceless gift of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the world, to the Catholic Church and to each and everyone of us. To many, the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the only comfort in these needy days of the Church and in times of personal needs


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